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    Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

    Bathroom renovation is always a great idea if you have plans of increasing your home’s value or if you want to attract more home buyers for your home. This is true because home buyers pay more attention to the bathroom, its features, and its aesthetics. From these perspectives, you can easily say that a bathroom renovation is beneficial and a practical idea for your home. However, a bathroom must also be viewed as your personal oasis where you can let your stress drift off.

    Most of us would want to relax under the shower or in the bathtub after an exhausting day from work, school, or long travel. You may not get that degree of comfort if your bathroom is not in good condition, not designed properly or other fixtures such as the sink or bathtub were not installed properly. So, it is wiser to spend your money on a bathroom renovation, rather than go to a spa.

    Regardless of what your intention is for a bathroom renovation, it is always best to plan it right. With whatever budget you have for a bathroom renovation, an expert bathroom renovator can help you achieve your plans.

    When it comes to quality bathroom renovation services, Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators is the name you can trust. We lead a team of experts that has created beautiful bathrooms in commercial and residential areas in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.  If you are also looking for laundry renovation, our team also specialises in this area.


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    The Benefits of Hiring Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators

    Most homeowners don’t really see the need to hire a professional bathroom renovator, but a proper renovation is a great way to spruce up your bathroom’s look and improve its functionality. Also, you can save up on maintenance and repair costs by hiring Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators.

    Below are just some of the benefits when you get our services:


    We will enhance your bathroom’s appearance

    it is every homeowner’s dream to make his home beautiful, and that includes the bathroom. A bathroom speaks so much about our personality, so it is important that our bathrooms are in great condition, especially when we have guests around.


    We will maximise your bathroom space

    it doesn’t matter if you have a small bathroom because a bathroom must serve its purpose while still looking great. With that said, it is really about maximising your bathroom area. A renovation can help you achieve your dream bathroom through proper installations of fittings and fixtures. Also, you can always create an illusion of a bigger space by installing wide and neutral-coloured tiles.


    We will increase the value of your house

    a well furnished and styled bathroom can help you find more buyers for your home. As mentioned above, most home buyers pin their interests on the bathroom.


    We will make cleaning easy for you

    it is possible that the installation for bathroom fittings and fixtures can go wrong, thus making it difficult for you to clean your bathroom. With the help of experts like us, you are guaranteed to have professional results all the time.

    As an expert bathroom renovator, our team at Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators specialises in all types of bathroom renovation projects, be it big or small, classic or modern, and budgeted or luxurious.

    Our company has the best solutions, concepts and ideas for all your bathroom renovation needs. With your ideas, design and other requirements, and with our quality bathroom supplies and services, we can elevate your bathroom’s look and give your old bathroom a new life.

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    To know the extent of our services, here is a list of our bathroom renovation services:


    Master bathroom


    En suite bathrooms


    Laundry bathrooms


    Full bathrooms


    Commercial bathrooms


    Powder rooms


    Bespoke bathrooms

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    Spruce Up Your Laundry Area with our Laundry Renovation Services

    There is no rule holding that your laundry area should look as its name suggests – dirty and unkempt. Just like any other parts of your house, a laundry area deserves some care, and a proper laundry renovation can do the trick.

    Here at Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators, we can transform your sad and unorganised laundry room into a space where you can enjoy doing the laundry and where you can be more efficient in finishing your tasks.

    In our years in this industry, we always strive to attain perfection when it comes to your design, features and your other needs. On our end, we always value our customers’ ideas and requirements by giving them the best renovation experience they could ask for.

    Moreover, our services are comprehensive enough to address all the needs of commercial and residential owners in Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia.

    The Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators Process

    We, at Coffs Harbour Bathroom Renovators, have adopted a more systematic and organised approach for bathroom renovations. We did this so we can better deliver our services in the most efficient manner while still being on schedule.

    Our clients’ needs are our top priority so in order to give our clients the best and smoothest renovation process, here are the steps we follow:

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    Our Process

    Performing In-Home Consultation Services and Giving Free Quotations

    After you call us, we will immediately set an appointment for our specialist to visit your home. In this visit, our specialist will conduct an assessment of your bathroom area and will listen to your plans and ideas for your bathroom. The measurements taken from the assessment will serve as the basis for our quotation. Doing it this way allows us to be more interactive with our clients and to help them visualise what to expect during the renovation process.

    Following the visit, we will send a detailed quotation to you which will include the prices, services, materials and other pertinent information that require full disclosure.


    Formalising the Acceptance

    Once you accept our quotation, we will create a contract to formally begin our transactions. This will ensure that both sides of the parties are well documented.

    Coming Up with Bathroom Design

    Based on your needs, preferences and other requirements, our bathroom designer will come up with a design. This design layout will include all the colour tones, types of tiles, and other accessories.

    Conducting of Building Inspection for Demolition and other Works

    In this stage, our bathroom experts will present a final plan to you that contains the project details and the steps to be followed. This will also help you set your expectations of the project and give you a general overview of the amount of work needed.

    Once the inspection is done, our experts will then start removing the surfaces of the walls and other fittings, while saving the ones that can be used still.

    Doing Carpentry Works and Service Rough-Ins

    Most bathroom renovation requires heavy carpentry work, and it is up to our experts to carry all work excellently. Also, this stage will require the installation of wirings before securing the walls with plasterboard.

    Installing Wall and Roof Plasters and Waterproof Barriers

    In this stage, our bathroom renovators will make sure that the walls and roofs are smooth by using high-grade waterproof plasterboard. Not only that, they will also install waterproof barriers on the walls and floor to prevent leaks from coming through.

    Installing Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles

    This stage is one of the most important ones because the bathroom tiles will either make or break your bathroom’s look. Once executed properly, your bathroom will begin to look more defined.

    Installing Fittings, Shower Screens and Other Fixtures

    This stage involves the installation of major fittings and fixtures that determine your bathroom’s functionality. Your bathroom will start to come together once this stage is done.


    Cleaning the Bathroom Mess

    This is probably the highlight of the entire renovation process because your bathroom will be more appreciated in its entirety when it looks sparkly clean. It is up to our professional cleaners to make sure that you get to experience your new bathroom right away by scrubbing every spot off.

    Frequently Asked Questions
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    How much is the renovation cost for bathrooms in Australia?

    The answer to this would need to take in factors and variables, because realistically speaking, the cost of a bathroom renovation hinges on your style, bathroom space and preferences.

    Commonly, a small bathroom can cost as low as $5000, while the bigger renovation projects can reach up to $25000 or even higher. If you only aim for minor changes such as changing your existing fittings, then this can cost way less.

    Can you create my own bathroom design?

    What we usually do is encourage our clients to bring in their own ideas and concepts while consulting our professional designers. It is our company practice to heed your suggestions to arrive at a more concrete plan that is reflective of your style and preferences.

    Do you have a service warranty for your bathroom services?

    Yes, our company offers a full warranty for all the services we covered in the renovation project. Moreover, we are members of the Master Builder Association (MBA) and the Housing Industry Association of Australia (HIA). With these affiliations, you can guarantee that our services are compliant to industry standards and local regulations.


    Can I still use dark tiles even if my bathroom is tiny?

    Yes, you can still use dark or moody tiles for as long as you limit the use to one area that will not occupy so much of the bathroom flooring, or you can go full with dark tiles while keeping your wall tiles white or neutral. Otherwise, your bathroom will look tinier.

    What type of bathroom paint should I use?

    What we suggest is that you use paints with low-sheen finishes on the ceiling and a slightly glossy finish on the walls. Following these will ensure that your walls and ceilings are resistant to mould and mildew.

    Is there a need to waterproof the entire bathroom floor or just the shower recess?

    In most bathrooms, waterproofing is essential in every water outlet such as drains and water taps. The extent of your waterproofing would depend on certain conditions such as the height of your shower recess or the type of base you used for your shower enclosure.

    Today is the best time to get started with your much-needed bathroom renovation. Give us a call and get a free consultation.